In Memory of …

In Memory of …

Hi everyone!  I hope that the holidays gave you a chance to rest after a busy year.  It’s always good to stop, enjoy time with family and friends and think about the new year that lays before us.

For my family, it was all of those things but it also marked the passing of my grandma.  My grandpa passed away 3 years ago and now it is the end of an era.

As we reflected on their lives I was reminded of many childhood memories.

Feeding their horses – that tentative feeling as a child walking up to this huge creature, with apple in hand and the funny tickle as she gently nibbled at it.

The wonder of standing in front of their wood fired stove, the long handled piece of wire, now fashioned into a fork, that held the most amazing smelling toast.King - Everhot Minor Woodfired Stove

The many nights of slideshow trips to Sri Lanka, singing around their piano or the sound of my grandfather playing his jazz trumpet are all vivid memories.  And I will never forget Issy’s violet lipstick and nail polish or the smell of Tabu perfume!

Their home is full of what we would now consider classic vintage finds.  From the lime timber, chrome and melamine kitchen which had its own sugar & flour drawers.  The original HMV vinyl record player with timber cabinet.  And that amazing Everhot Minor wood fired stove!

They were happy in their space and happy to share it with others.

I called my business Lifestyle Interiors because I really want people to enjoy the home that they are in.

Whether you own or rent – MAKE IT YOURS! 

The dining table you choose will play host to many  shared meals and great family debates.  Your living room a place for excitement over first steps, sporting victories and losses and wonderful popcorn munching movie nights.

Whatever you hope to achieve this year, for yourself, your family and your home – may this year be full of many memory making days!  Happy 2014!

In loving memory of Lionel & Isabel King

Kristie Virgo - Lifestyle Interiors Castaways Beach 4


       Best wishes, Kristie

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  1. Amanda January 25, 2014

    Well written and beautiful memories you will always treasure. Bless xx