New Year’s Resolutions for your home

New Year’s Resolutions for your home

What is your plan for your home this year?

By Kristie Virgo – Lifestyle Interiors Lifestyle Kids


The New Year sees many of us making all sorts of resolutions about health, fitness, family and finances; well how about your home?  What do you want to achieve at home this year that will help you live the lifestyle you want?  Do you want to buy a home, maybe your first?  Or renovate your existing one – perhaps paint a room, prepare a nursery, update the bathroom & kitchen, extend out the back, or simply find that missing piece to finish off a room.

I don’t know about you but where did January go?!!  This year is off and racing and I for one think it is time to have a big clean up.  Over the holidays I looked around at all the stuff that made up my home.  Some things I still love as much as the day I bought them.  Some things that were only ever temporary have managed to stay, some for a very long time!  The explosion of toys for instance, that comes with all this gift giving – why is Lego so small, clear and very hard underfoot!  Anyway, I have two boys (3 & 5) and I think we have every type of truck possible.  Most are way too large to fit into tiny cubby hole storage, so what to do?  Trying desperately to cull those items that are no longer played with but in perfectly good condition, we decided (that is Mummy decided and spoke about it excitedly) that “it would be nice to give some of our toys away to charity, to kids who don’t have as much as we do.”  Both my boys were quite willing to do so – bless them – until the older one decided that there was plenty of room for new ones now and proceeded to tell me what he would like for next Christmas!

Grey Wash Wicker Trunk Small with toys

Keeping our “stuff” – paperwork, toys, mementos in order is always easier when you have the right storage to work with.  Try one room, or even one area at a time and decide to only keep what is really needed or loved.  Paperwork is loathsome (tax, accounts, paying bills) but is incredibly satisfying when neat, tidy and sorted.  Treat yourself to some lovely new folders, label them and get tossing or shredding if you prefer.home_office_storage_ideas1home_office_storage_ideas

When it comes to books, magazines, photos – I have text books stored away from when I was studying, but I haven’t looked at them since.  They cost a lot (emotionally & financially) and I just couldn’t part with them after all that work.   But the time has come for us to part company and take back some much-needed storage.  Whenever I am working with clients at the design stage, we always look at the amount of storage they currently havewhat key pieces of furniture they have, whether it is adequate, and what we should have built-in?  Having a piece designed to fit a particular space, with a layout that works for how you intend to use it, is well worth the effort.  Custom cabinetry comes with endless design and finish options, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.  Plus it sure beats adding another bookcase to the room!Underbench_storage_with_bookcase_by_Lifestyle_Interiors

Make sure that the things you keep, you really love – but find a home for them!  Practice grouping items together, play around until you are happy.  Odd number arrangements always work well, as do different heights and textures.  Look through magazines if you need ideas – and remember if you don’t like it, just start again.  What you want is a display of your favourite things, not clutter, so be disciplined!

Well I have found my computer, now for the rest of my desk.  What’s that saying, having a clear desk gives you a clear mind…I’d be happy just with a cleared desk!

Remember if you want some help with storage ideas and cabinetry options, just send me an email with your details.

Cheers for the year ahead!


PS – Decoration & Design has just finished in Sydney so I can’t wait to bring you some fantastic new ideas!

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