A well designed home should reflect your lifestyle

Design and fill it with the things you love


Lifestyle Interiors was established in 2003 by Kristie Virgo – owner, decorator, designer and busy mum.

Sometimes the perception is you need a lot of money to have an interior designer decorate your home.  I believe a good designer should be able to work within any budget whether it is a whole house or just one special piece.  I can give you an overall plan on how to pull the whole room together, so you can purchase items with confidence.

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How We Work

Designing your home is a very personal experience, for you, your family and the designer.

It’s exciting to explore the myriad of options available but daunting at the same time, which can leave you wondering if you are making the right decisions.  Lifestyle Interiors can assist in establishing a clear plan of what you want, need and how best to achieve it.  A well designed home is one that reflects the lifestyle of those that live in it,

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